GeoRSS is hard to locate

Lately I’ve had this fascination with map based search, for a variety of items. It’s a natural [to me] view on the ‘Internet of things’. If I’m looking for [say] a restaurant, local interest Twitter feed, park with a climbing wall playground – why not use a map to ‘see’ if there’s one nearby?

But try using this approach for RSS feeds. Doesn’t work, despite geo tag placeholders built into the RSS specification. I’ll give the RSS feed publishers a break [for now], assuming they don’t know geo tags are acceptable, and that RSS consumers would actually benefit from these geo tags.

But I wonder what it would take to start a mini-revolution for adding geo tags to RSS feeds? My wife’s friends were just hammered by tornadoes in North Georgia. Geo tags would add location specific RSS feed discoverability to any map search from that area, which means she could subscribe to a location, independent of subject or author.

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