Data Hippies

There was a talk at Microsoft this week; starring Mark Bowden of ‘Blackhawk Down’ fame, pitching his new book ‘Worm’. It sounds like a great read; along with many others on my bedside :{

During Q&A Mark talked about the Utopian ideals of the early Internet designers [let’s say we’re now in the middle ages of the Internet]; which was about open access to information and data. This isn’t practical today, for countless reasons I won’t get into in this blog post.

But I do believe there’s an open access intent from the early Internet that should be preserved. Unfortunately there’s some hard questions to answer for this to be possible and more practical; for example:
– Do we create data with open access as the intent?
– Do we go back and change the access rules [if you will] for data that we previously created?
– Do we know where all our data is stored, and what access rules currently exist?

I’ll try to blog on this a bit more later next month.


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