Windows 8 Release Preview on old laptop hardware

If you work at Microsoft, it’s hard to resist installing the latest release of our next OS – Windows 8 Release Preview.  So I did, and this is my first blog post from it.

What surprised me about Windows 8 Release Preview [Win8RP] is how fast it makes my old Lenovo X60 laptop run.  It also seems to have improved graphic performance; which is cool because the older Lenovo laptops have somewhat limited, built-in graphics cards.  They produce nothing close to HD output.  Yet running Win8RP photos, videos and all image processing is crisp in detail and fast in rendering.

And this old Lenovo laptop doesn’t have a touchscreen but that doesn’t cramp navigation or getting to use cool features in Win8RP.  Even without a built-in camera there’s still plenty of communication/social capabilities available to get a sense of how this area is going to shine with new hardware.

Let’s add an image from SkyDrive to see how well integration with cloud services works.

This is a photo taken at the Maker Faire in Seattle earlier today from my Windows Phone.  In this photo our daughter is assembling a house with the Magic Dollhouse kit created by Dan Robbins.  Dan is a local artist who also does some great design work on the Microsoft Expression Blend team.  Photos taken with Windows Phone are automatically uploaded to SkyDrive.  So, I was able to point the WordPress Metro app available in Win8RP at my SkyDrive folders, insert a photo from my Windows Phone folder and presto – first post with image published!

Win8RP is super easy to use, and fun on old laptop hardware.  Stay tuned; more real world examples coming soon.



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