Perhaps the next evolution of smart web design is morelets. Let me explain.

Responsive design does a nice job of making web sites easier to read content on whatever device you happen to be using; adapting to the viewport [screen] in an elegant, dynamic way. But responsive design doesn’t help you focus on what you’re likely to read to the end. This is where we could use some help from a new mechanism I’m calling the morelet. The morelet acts like a recommendation system.  It presents content that you’re likely to invest time to read completely, i.e. all the way to the end. The rest of a web site’s content is still there and rendered nicely in responsive design but deemphasized in favor of morelets.

But how does a website know what morelets to create for me?  There’s some machine learning that would be required to train the morelet system about your reading patterns based on sites you’ve visited.  These patterns could then be applied to any new site you visit that has similar content, to present morelets.

More on morelets later…


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