MobileUXCamp Seattle 2013: post conference

Yesterday I attended MobileUXCamp in Seattle; at the University of Washington, Mary Gates Hall.  It was another good turnout of UX pros mashing up thoughts about where mobile is right now and where it might be going.

frank @MobileUXCamp

Some in-the-moment notes from the event:

One fella I met this morning left NYC, tired of working 110hr weeks for the ad agencies; visited Seattle and never went home.

Yahoo has a big presence here, very happy employees. Coolest weather app for iPhone.

Music discovery app design needs work, inventors could use some help with what real life busy adults – especially parents – do when they’re looking for music.

First time UX talk packed but discussion level not as high as expected; perhaps because few of us in the industry are first time users of popular apps.

The Helping the mentally ill with mobile talk is  packed and discussion level high. Some great ideas for connecting the patient with clinical aid; mental health professionals.  Wonder if a private network between them is what’s really needed.  A public network [think current cellular carriers] seems fraught with privacy issues.

More later…

Lunch discussion was a long riff on TV, cable content; why it sticks, how people get started. Someone at the table observed that in the 70’s TV was a shared experience since there were no other outlets for that content – we all watched certain shows at the same time.  Not the same today.  Although there are shows recently that have generated shared watching discussions; like ‘Downton Abbey’.

Then the lunch discussion branched off into advertising that doesn’t deliver relevant ads; certainly not in context with what a person is doing at the time.  I riffed on how we aren’t in shopping mode 24×7, but when we are in this mode then the advertisers/merchants should flood me with relevant, timely ads that help me accomplish my shopping task [example: help me find shoes for our daughter].  Where’s the switch to turn this mode on | off?

Also think Facebook failed to deliver on the opportunity to free us from the commerce, ad-driven internet.  It could have been a place to get away from all of that; to relax, recreate, hang out with family and friends.

More later…

Nam-ho Park didn’t disappoint – he never does – great talk.  Hopefully he’ll post ‘What Users Want’ slides online.  They were hand sketched slides – really a neat affect to give his stories immediate impact.

Nick Finck’s talk had good material we can all learn from to get out of the ‘build for the screen’ mentality.  There’s a physical world that’s more significant than anything we put online.

End of the day came quickly – went all day on one espresso, a first for me – the intellectual stimulation kept me going.  The raffle needed better prizes and some music to kick it up a bit.  My bad for not bringing a Surface RT as a giveaway.

See ya next year campers.

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