Hanford poetry

This is a video from TEDxRainier 2012.

The video reminded me of my friend Kevin Huff – born, raised in Richland, Wa. near Hanford – who dropped dead in his early thirties. It was New Year’s Eve; he was dancing with his wife. Doctors never determined cause.

Having grown up near Hanford myself [Sunnyside], there was always a mysterious draw to the place. We knew it was there but didn’t know how to embrace it. Before leaving high school I had the opportunity to apply for a grunt job at the site. Wasn’t interested.

Years later I ended up getting a secret clearance with the DOD, via my job with IBM. Also became deeply fascinated with Robert Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Project. Eventually I visited Los Alamos with my girlfriend Liz.

Hanford expressed through poetry. Beautiful.


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