Without a camera

Many years ago I had the opportunity to visit the Ellora Caves in India. Its hard to describe their strange beauty with words. If you can’t see the caves in person high quality photos are almost a must to let your brain grasp the concept of what the caves are. Imagine continuous rock carved into temples. Then imagine four religions represented with these temples. They all exist side-by-side in a remote part of Southern India.

Up close the details carved into each temple is a library of stories telling the history of each religion. I could have spent days just gazing at one wall of one temple, the details were so rich and thought provoking. And yet I have nothing to recall my visit to the Ellora Caves but my memory. There’s no archive of photos from the visit, no smartphone filled with snapshots.

The same is true of a month I spent in the Yucatan Peninsula also many years ago.

Don’t ever forget the places that inspire your mind to recall rich details. This is one of your creative wells. Cherish it.


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