PDX road trip

We’re currently in Portland for a mini-vacation. On the way down from Seattle, Deborah and I got into a discussion about family calendars and how none of us [family, friends] have figured out a digital solution. And understand we’re talking about a group that includes ex-MSFT, attorneys, college profs; basically a bunch of smart people who can’t solve this synced calendars problem.

What exactly is the problem? As we know it’s getting all the operating systems and their calendar apps to seamlessly share calendar items regardless of format. Deborah uses an iPhone, I used a Windows Phone; our family and friends are scattered across Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone. If one of us creates a calendar item – especially starting with the smartphone – then tries to send the invite to family, friends it all falls down. They can’t open it so they can’t accept it; they certainly can’t edit it.

We must fix this. More later…


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