App numbers game

Deborah sent me this article from yet another person trying to categorize the top apps across the big three platforms.

Analyzing popular apps is a weird numbers game – but it does matter to consumers, money people and app developers.

Earlier this week while in Portland we mused about the business density; it seemed like every neighborhood had several small businesses bursting with customers. How can this be? Is the Portland business climate so hot that entrepreneurs just want to get something started? App stores/ecosystems are similar. Developers want to build apps where they know their app is side-by-side with other [especially cool/popular] apps. Consumers want to browse and install or be seen using cool/popular apps. And money people want to invest in app developers that get this.

What’s missing in the article above is a deeper view into who the top app developers are; what they have in common, how they view their peers. The more we understand this movement [how I think about it] the better chance we have of recreating the conditions that lead to it.


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