Query me

I took my family to the Washington coast for a quick end of summer mini-vacation. We rented a cabin in Seabrook, which is a sweet planned community just off the beach; south of Pacific Beach, Wa. The weather was warm – and unusual for the Washington coast – not windy. We enjoyed long walks, scampering in/out of the water, riding beach cruiser bikes. The sunset the first night was gorgeous, followed by a sky full of stars then a glorious full moon. Of course we made smores on an open fire outside our cabin.

What we didn’t have was cellular service from AT&T or T-mobile. Seabrook is a dead spot. Fortunately most of the cabins have wireless networks so our laptop, tablet, smartphones had internet connectivity.

But what if someone tried to reach us by trying to ‘call’ us on our smartphones? They would have to leave voicemail messages that we would pick up later when cellular service was in range. Or they would have to send a message via another system. Neither of these options is timely or simple for both parties.

What I really want is a system that can be queried for me; and if I’m not available to respond immediately [like with a phone call] can step through multiple options to find me. If direct contact can’t be made, then a message is left for me to pickup later on the internet; which is never down. Access to the internet is another story, later.


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