Query for ads

One of the problems I see with mobile ads – looking at you Facebook – is that I’m served ads [push] when instead I want to ask for ads [pull]. Pushed ads are often not relevant nor do they leverage signals in a way that makes the ad hard to ignore. Inspire me to tap the ad; show me something I can’t ignore.

PCC ad searchA pulled ad model could work something like query the ‘system’; where the system returns best matches for an ad by location, by store, by product based on what’s entered in the search box + signals from the mobile device.

Or the system could be queried for a specific location, store, product. If I shop at PCC and my mobile device signals that I’m near PCC; show me ads for PCC. And if I’ve previously purchased Santa Cruz beverages – something PCC should have data about – show me ads for Santa Cruz beverages available at PCC.
Santa Cruz ad search

These pulled ads should be presented in separate feeds than the news or tweet stream. BTW: With their new Gmail tabs system, Google has done a great job helping me mentally seperate what’s primary and what’s a promotion.

Or even better the system should expose dials to ‘tune’ what shows up in pulled ads; to improve the relevance beyond the current X to delete/show more model.


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