2 great minds

Frank = I told you about EO today.

Mark = I have yet to tell you about Frank … “we accidentally met today in Olympia” (that’s a chapter name of my forthcoming memoir)

Frank is a serial entrepreneur in the tech space and had not heard of EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization).

We have a mutual friend and co-conspirator who had been trying to connect us for years….and he accidentally did just that it today.

EO = a peer learning network of people who founded or run companies of one million in gross sales and want to grow their business, grow as people and grow as leaders. They must also want to help others grow as people, leaders and help them grow their businesses.

Mark just adopted a little one so cut him some slack if he doesn’t respond super fast. Mark is on the EO Board can put you in touch with the people who vet/introduce/haze/court new members in Seattle EO.

You guys go do some good together.



John Rowley

Advertising Campaigns – Video Production – Crisis Management

615-329-9559 (office)

615-973-2591 (cell)



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